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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello everyone and good morning!  Well here it is, my first ever You Tube video.  It only took me about 10-12 trys before I got it the way that I wanted it and i still find things that i wish i would of did/said different:)  Oh well, practice makes perfect right?

So I thought that my first video should of the one place where I do all of my creating... my craft space!  My husband built me a room in our basement that measured 20x20.  I loved it so much, but it ended up being just to big for me. So, he finally let me turn one of our spare rooms on the main level of our house into a space!!!!!!!  I was so excited i could barely talk (and for me, that is a big thing, hehe).  So now I am in my new space that i just love!  I'm so excited too because i have never had a space that has had a window before, i have always been on the lower level:(  Not anymore!  So I hope you like my video.  Until next time... Happy Inkin'

1 comment:

  1. Great set up and very well orginized. Shows that you truely have the gift for imagination and creativity. There was a short shot of a few little mailboxes at the top of one of the shelves. Very cute, just darling. Would like to see those in detail next visit. Nice to see that your Mom spends quality time with you.