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My Craft Space

Well, here it is! My little space of my own, my craft room! I thought that i would begin a "tab" to show off my creative space... letting you know how i store things, what things i get new and do to my space.  I love seeing others spaces and getting great strorage ideas and just seeing where every one gets creative!!!

A little bit ago i posted a video of my craft space, you can see that
here, but i have made a few changes, nothing huge, just a few little things here and there!


So, it happened again... my craftroom changed again:)  Let's take a quick look as to what it "currently" looks like:)

Ok so this is what you see when you are standing in the door to my room.  The first thing that you may notice is that my table is moved and it is shorter.  The place where it was before had my back towards the door and that was driving my CRAZY!!!  So I am now with my side to the door and i am directly looking out the window! I love it!!!  I did have my table where i was standing at it 99% of the time... well that was getting old so we lowered it where now i can sit at it.  Much, much better!!!!

So this is my desk area now.  I was very surprised but with everything that we moved around we didn't have to move anything that was on the walls.  I was very shocked... it just all worked out:)  See, must of been a sign it was supposed to be like this.  I have everything that i use on a regular basis right at my finger tips and now that my desk is resting on my cubes (all my cubes were across the room in my "cube wall") I can put all the drawers and cubbys to better use.  Plus, there is enough room that i can just swing my chair around and get to what i need:)

Here is looking at my desk area straight on:) LOVE IT!!!

Right in front of my desk of course is my daughters area. She loves to craft almost as much of me:)  We spend a lot of our time in here just being together and being creative.

These large shelves is what my desk was originally sitting on to make it tall.  Now that my cube wall is gone this fit there perfectly along with my new 12" x 12" paper sorter.  The other shelf that was used to make my desk tall is still in it's original place, behind my sitting area.  It gave me tons of storage so that i was able to have barely nothing on my desk... until i start creating, but made me feel not so cluttered.  

So, as you may know my family and i moved into a new home... and with that new home came a new craft space! It was all very exciting, lol. I did do an updated video on my new space as well.  You can check that out by clicking HERE.  Let's see what the new space looks like shall we?

This is what it looks like when you are standing in the door.  My room is again on the main floor of our home.  I couldn't have a room without a window. In my last space i got spoiled with my window and being able to see the wildlife and things, so i had to make sure that i got the same thing here, which i did and much much more!!!

To the left of the door is where you will find me hard a work at my desk.  I placed shelves from the previous room right above me now to showcase projects and hold the things that i use the most.

Next to my desk is where the TV is and where my daughters area is.  As you can see below, she is also hard at work getting crafty. I just love her so much and that she loves getting creative almost as much as i do!!!

Next comes my cube wall (still a work in progress) and more shelves that showcase some gifts, creations, and my wood-mount stamp sets.  Along with things like my Circut and just a few extras that i don't need at arms reach on a daily basis:)

Then on the last wall is where the closet is.  This is where i go my photo taking for my blog and where i house my punches and again... extra stuff:)  To the left of the closet you can see my embellishment center that houses my ribbon, re-inkers, embossing powder and things like that.

So there you have it... another room, lol:) I am absolutely in love with my new space though.  I have loved all of my spaces actually, lol.  it is neat to go back and see how i have started and where my room is at today.  Hope you all enjoyed.  Until next time... Happy Inkin'!!!


Well it happened again, my craft space got a makeover, lol:)  I wanted to share with you the changes that i made.

This is now what it looks like right when you walk into the door.  I wanted my desk all the way to the wall, it makes my room look bigger and gives my daughter a bit more room to play and craft herself.   My hubby hung a shelf above my area and this is just one of the places that i keep "scrap paper".  Yes, my system i have multiple places for paper... seems how i am OBSESSED.

Here is a shot of my desk area if you are looking at it straight on.  It is hardly ever not cluttered and always has about a million things going on atop of it, lol.  Oh, the life of a crafter right?!?!?!?

My cube shelf and embellishment center went where i used to sit when my desk was in it's old spot.  It is now behind my desk so i can roll my chair over there and grab something if i need it.  Yes, i did say "roll", lol =)

Of course i had to keep my mothers crafting space the way that it was but i added my big shot machine and cutting system station behind her and to the left of my work space.

Next to my mom is my punch space still along with a new shelf that i got that holds my Cricut and just some odds and ends.  My hubby hung a white shelf above my punches that i use for inspiration materials complete with my Owl statue ( i love owls!!!!).

To the right of that (above my mom's space) i have another inspiration shelf.  Filled with projects that i have created and some of my most favorite things.  My old radio that my amazing Papa got me and my #18 Kyle Busch NASCAR. I love that car.  It's Pink and it was what he drove for Breast Cancer Awareness!!

My stamp area is still the same.  Retired sets are in the closet part of the room and my current sets are on the wall (well the current ones that aren't wood mounted... those are in the closet too).  The only thing that has changed here is that we now have a fish.... YAY!!!  He helps me get creative when i am stuck!


When you are standing in the door way to enter my space this is what you see.  My Craft space used to be in the basement in an extra room that we had, it was huge!  The hubby did it all up with me... painted the walls Pink, put in new carpet... the works!  I was in there for a few months and just hated that i didn't have a window to so that i could see the great outdoors, wild life and smell the amazing crisp Spring/Summer air (when it was that time of year of course) so, he finally allowed me to turn our computer room that was on the main level of our house into my Craft Room! He is the best hubby ever!!!

To the left of the doorway is where i store my punches!  I try to only keep current punches but sometimes i just can't part with some that i really love! Like the SU! Snowflake and the 5 Petal Flower.  To hang these i just used simple, cheap curtain rods! I have seen a lot of videos where people buy things similar to this, among a ton of other really neat things, at Ikea! I have never been to an Ikea but found that there is one about 1.5 hours from us! I am hoping that a trip there is part of my Mother's Day present!!!

Next you have my mom's space.  We scrapbook/craft a lot together so any room that i ever have will always have a spot for her.  She has extra lighting under her shelf and we just love to get together and "craft".  I added a shelf above where she sits.  This is where i keep some of the projects that i have made along with my super cool radio that my dad gave me and my Kyle Busch special addition Breast Cancer awareness car (you can kind of see it up there). I love it because it is Pink/White and it covered with M&M's (YUMMY).

Over here is kind of my catch-all shelf.  This is where i keep my ribbon, stickles and other things that aren't an everyday go to item!  I am looking to find another way to store my ribbons so if anyone has a great, room saving idea i would love to hear it! Maybe Ikea would have something, lol:)  This corner is also where i store my extra paper that isn't SU!.  I organize it by color group.

This is where all the creativity happens, my desk!!  I recently got a new computer that one of our friends personally made.  The screen size is like 26" or something crazy like that! I love it though! All my blogs that i watch daily and every ones great creative ideas that i love to drool over look great on the big screen!  When i do my videos, i place my camera to the left of my center table there with my neat little stand that i just got.  I think that it works pretty good.  Of course my desk is right by the window.  I love this time of year when i can open the window up, feel the awesome breeze, smell the fresh cut grass and just be creative!!!

This is to the right of my desk.  Pretty self explanatory.  This is where i keep all my inks. I sort them by current colors and retired colors.  Again, i try to only keep what is current but sometimes i have to keep colors that i just love to much to let go.  The two rows on the right are all retired, lol. What can i say... SU! has GREAT colors.  The 3 rows to the left are all current colors with the middle row being last years and this years In-Colors (you are going to love the new In-Colors!! Beautiful!!!!!  Then in the drawers is where i keep my 12"x12" DSP, my idea books and in the smaller drawers is my embossing powders, big shot accessories such as embossing folders and dies and then some Misc. Stickers.  I would love if my Big Shot accessories were with my Big Shot so i think some more rearranging is in my near future.  My husband is        going to love that, lol.

When i transformed the computer room into my craft room i had to take the closet door off so that i could have more storage.  Ok, are you ready for this... these are all my retired stamps that i just can't part with.  I know, i know... it's an addiction!  Well, i guess i take that back... on the second shelf up, all the way to the see that little stack there? Well those are still current.  After going through the list of all the products that are retiring my supply gets a little low, lol.  Which is fine because it just means that it is time for new goody's!!!!  The drawers there are how i hold my scraps of paper that isn't SU! colors.  It is just another catch-all really.

Last but not least is where i keep my Big Shot and where i have my CURRENT, yes those are all still current, lol, clear stamps.  See my cute new camera tri-pod there? I just love it and how tiny it is!!

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