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Friday, February 15, 2013

Post It Holder Video

Good morning all. Welcome to Friday Video!  I posted this adorable little Post It holder a few weeks back and had tons of requests on how i make it, so i figured it was time to post a video on it! For those of you that requested it, I'm sorry that it took so long but if you ever send a request on how to do something, never fear, i PROMISE that there will eventually be a video on it! It just might take me a little bit, lol:)

Easy enough right?!?!? And how versatile are they? You can make them for little gift, your own personal use and make them for all types of occasions!! I just love them!

So, a little update on the new pup!  Dexter is melding into our family nicely. He is learning the word "no" well seems how lately that is all he is hearing! I had forgotten how hard and time consuming it was to train a pup lol!  With our first dog, Vinnie, he came to us from his foster family almost fully trained... so it was so easy for us with him.  This new little one... whew.... take some time!  If anyone has any helpful tips on what you did to help make the training process a bit more smooth... your hints are greatly appreciated!

Well, hope you enjoyed today. Until next time...
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