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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Craft Room Update

Good day crafters!! Today's share is going to be a little bit different. I thought that i would share with you the updates and rearranging that i did to my craft space. Me personally, i love to see where others create, where and how they store certain i would like to update you on my little "heaven" where i go to create.

As some of you may know, my hubby allowed me to change out one of our spare rooms (on the main floor) into my little haven (Isn't he sweet?!?!?!?). To see what my space looked like before, click on the "my craft space" tab at the top of my website for a quick peek. Ok, here we go...

This is what it looks like if you are standing in the door. The space that i have isn't that largest but it works out great for me. It's comfy and cozy and allows my daughter to come in and craft (and by that i mean color on the walls, lol) with me! I used to have my desk almost smack dab in the middle of the room, but i found that wasn't really working for me. It was making the room feel smaller than it was and cramped. I didn't know how else to put it though. After some begging and pleading, hubby helped me move some things and we came up with a great way that i LOVE!!!

To the right of the door is where the closet used to be. This is where store all of my retired stamps and extra everything lol. On the wall there, above the fish tank is where i keep my current Clear stamps. I am not a big Wood-Mount stamp girl, in fact i think that i only have about 5-6 current sets that are wood. I really like the clear stamps. Then, of course... my daughters rocking chairs:)

Next to that is my wall organizer that i got from Michael's. This holds all my ribbon, Dazzling Details... things of that nature. Extra re-inkers and some odd and ends that i wanted out so that maybe it would remind me to use them. I am so one of those people that if i can't see it... i forget that i have it! Display is a key in my room, lol!!

Here is a front on view of my desk. Messy yes but i was busy creating, lol:) It may look messy to some, but surprising it normally is much worse. I don't know why but sometimes, the messier my desk, the more ideas come out of me, lol:) Weird!! My window was the entire reason why i wanted my room on the main floor, so that i could see the beautiful outdoors, have the widow open and just enjoy nature! We live in the county, so seeing deer, turkey, foxes and other various wildlife is a regular occurrence for me. It is nice to be in my little world and be inspired by them. Before, i had my ink and my paper a little bit away from my work-space. Now, the ink is right next to me and my paper is right in front of me. It works out GREAT! Some have asked how i organize my paper. Well, on the top of my desk there in my paper hold is where i keep all my paper, nothing small in size though than half a sheet. If it is smaller than half a sheet (that is what i would call a "scrap"), under my desk i have a little paper organizer (sorry, i didn't take a picture of that) that is divided into the colors and that's where i keep the smaller pieces of paper. That way, if i know i only need to punch out one 1" circle, i dont' have to use a whole sheet or go searching for a smaller piece. It seems to be working out great for me!

On the wall next/above my desk is one of my inspiration shelves. This is where i have moved my old radio and have some things displayed that i have made. I keep my lantern (i am obsessed with old lanterns) up there as well as my Breast Cancer Awareness NASCAR that my wonderful Papa gave to me! GO ROWDY!!!!

Then, below that of course i have my Big Shot station and my card showcase rack. I LOVE THIS! A girl at my work had one and i was so excited when she said that she would sell it to me!!! And of course, my wonderful mother's little corner where she comes over and creates with me! I couldn't have a room without a spot for her!! it just wouldn't be the same!!!

Then last but not least i have my wall where i have another inspirational shelf and my "Punch" wall. My hubby hung out curtain rods for me (some use racks from Ikea, these work great for me, and cost a lost less, lol) and that is how i store those. I have my Cricut machine there on my shelf along with some other storage bins. Just little odds and ends.

Well all, that is my quick tour of my space. I am planning on doing an updated video tour here sometime. Since the last one i did was a little bit ago. So be looking out for that. I hope you all have a very craft day and until next time...
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