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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Updated Craft Room Video

Hello stampers.  Today i thought i would share with you an updated video of my crafting space.  The very first video that i did was of my crafting space and of course... it has changed numerous times.  So, i thought that I would do an updated one for today.  If you would like to view my very first video ever, click HERE.

Well, on to today's video:)

My room isnt 100% on how i want it but with a little paint and time, it will be.  I love though that Emma has her own little special space in my room.  I LOVE crafting with her and love that she loves to be in there.

Now, i try and keep track of the changes that i do with my room.  At the top of my page you will see a tab that says "My Craft Space", if you click on that you will see pictures of how my room has been each and every time, lol.  I haven't gotten any recent pictures on there from my video, but i will soon:)

Well, that is it for today.  Hope you enjoyed the look into my room and maybe found something that would be useful in your space.  Until next time...
Happy Inkin'

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