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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Down again.... =(

Hello all. Welcome.

Well, i am here yet again with more computer issues.  This time, it is not letting me upload any photos.  Well, let me rephrase that... i go to upload them, it says that they are being uploaded and then it freezes my entire computer.  On top of that, when it says that they are uploading it is moving soooo slow and taking soooo long.  I mean really slow... like back when i used a computer for the first time kind of slow.  I tell you what, these issues are beginning to become more than just annoying. The even stranger thing is that my issues didn't begin until my wireless went out.  It was like when my Internet cable wasn't connected directly to my computer things went and worked fine... when it had to travel through the router.  Now, when my craftroom desktop was connected directly to the modem it took a poop and now, while my laptop is connected directly to the modem it is beginning to do the same thing.  I would of thought that if it was connected directly to the Internet cord (i know there is a fancy name for it, i just don't know what it is) that it would move better, faster... because it wouldn't have to go through the router.  Again, this is why i am no computer person because i have no clue what to do.  Good news is that my new router has been shipped and now i am just waiting on a delivery date.  Hopefully, once that is back hooked up i will have no more issues.  I am so sorry for all of the hoopla this past few weeks.  I just can't seem to get things back on track.

On a different note and a personal share, we have another showing on our house tomorrow (March 5th).  I am so excited.  The first one we got great feedback from so i am hoping maybe they want a second look:)

Well, that is all for today friends.  I am sorry again that there is no project share today:(  I will keep trying and hopefully will have one tomorrow!  Until next time...
Happy Inkin'
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