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Monday, May 19, 2014

Move Update

Hi there all. So, i don't have a project share today... well not of a card or anything like that but i thought i would share with you an update on our "moving" project that we are going through right now.  So, this past weekend my mom was nice enough to come over and help me pack some last minute things.  Including, sad to say, my craft room.  I waited until the last minute to pack it all up.  Now it looks so bare and our house is filled with boxes.

Here is a picture of what my craft room looks like now:

Bare and filled with boxes.  It stinks that i had to pack all of my goodies 2 days after receiving a new order:( Not nearly enough time to play with all the new goodies.  But, it is going to be like Christmas when i get to unpack all of the items and i am SUPER excited to decorate and organize my new space.

Here are a few pictures of some of the other rooms of our house. The living room and the dining room... or as we call them now, the storage units, lol:)

As you can see the project is coming along, slowly buy surely however i am about tired of living in the middle of all of these.  Emma however (our 2 year old) is loving it and thinks that climbing all over them is the best things ever.  Me... it's giving me some gray hair, lol:)

Well that is my share for today my friends.  Until next time...
Happy Inkin'
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