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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shadow Box Video

Well hello there all! Welcome to Mrs. Lincoln's Inkin' and today's Friday Video!  Today's share is of a Shadow Box. These are so fun to make and i love them because the fold down and get fit into a regular size envelope!  Love 3D projects that you can still send in the mail!!

This is a great card that someone can display on their table and we all know how much i LOVE dimension, so i love that the inside is sunk in. It really don't get more dimensional than that right?:)

The one that is above is the one that we are making in today's video.  I have another one to share with you today as well. I wanted to share it with you because with this one, on the leaves, i made them 3D as well just by using two different colors of ink.  I love the "depth" that the second color gives to just a normal flat stamp.  I will have all the supplies that i used to make this additional share at the bottom of this post as well:)

Let's go ahead and take at look at today's video shall we? Roll footage (i just love saying that, lol)

The item that i am showcasing today is the Kinda Electic set. I love this set. The sunbeam looking image is my FAVORITE!

Now on a personal note.  Today (September 5, 2014) is my hubby and mine 5 year wedding anniversary.  I thought i would share with you a little collage that i put together showcasing some of the moments that have happened within the last five years.  I just can't believe that 5 years has come and gone already! CRAZY!!

Well that is all for today my friends! Until next time...
Happy Inkin'

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