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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Nook

Hi Stampers!!!  So, I still don't have a new card project to share.  I am currently awaiting the arrival of the UPS truck to bring me my newest items so that I can get busy creating!!  In the mean time I thought I would share with you the newest addition to my crafting space that my hubby built for me... my little "Nook"

I wanted a space in my room that was just for blogging, ordering and (urg) bill paying, lol:)  I have my tablet that I use at my crafting desk that allows me to do the things that I need to right from my desk but I hated having my laptop taking up precious space when I was blogging, or having to push things aside to make room for it to post to my blog so, I searched around on Pinerest (am addicted still to that site) and noticed that a lot of people turn their closets into little Nook's.  I was so excited.  So, my hubby put this little piece of heaven together for me and I love it!!!

It is nothing super, duper fancy but it is perfect for me!! I just love how everything that I need for posting, ordering or what have you is right at my fingertips and all neat and organized.  The only thing that I have to get to complete my little Nook is a new chair.  Right now I am just using a folding chair which is fine but I think that a different chair will just be the icing on the cake, lol:)  

So on a personal level, my little one and my hubby both tested positive yesterday with the flu.  Man, is this thing vicious!!  It has them both down right now with fevers, chills and upset tummies.  So for the past 2 days I have been playing doctor mom.  I just feel so bad that my two loves are so sick, makes me cry especially when I look at my little one.  She rarely, I mean RARELY ever gets sick and when she does it just breaks my heart. 

Well that is my quick post for today friends.  I hope that the wonderful man in the brown truck gets here quick so that I can have a share for you soon!!!  Until next time...
Happy Inkin'
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