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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sturdy Box Picture Tutorial

Hi everyone.  Welcome to Mrs. Lincoln's Inkin'.  Today I have a picture tutorial for you showing how to make this super sturdy card box.  This box is great size measuring 6" long x 5" tall x 4" deep.  You can store cards in here or it would be a GREAT gift box.  This is going to be somewhat of a long post so let's get started.  

Here is a look at the templet that I made for myself.  I have step-by-step instructions below but just in case you wanted this too

First you are going to need the following pieces for the box:
- 2 pieces of Whisper White (or whatever color you choose for the inside of your box) cut at 10 1/2" x 8"
- 3 pieces of card stock (color of your choice, above I used Mint Macaron) cut at 12" x 10"

On the 12" x 10" piece place the 12" at the top of your Simply Scored.  Then score at 6" and 9".  Flip so that now the 10" side is at the top and score at 4" and 7" .  You are going to do this to both pieces. Now, notice that in the upper left had corner of the paper, that square is larger than the rest.  This is actually the bottom of your box.  Just keep that in mind.  Maybe put a little "x" or something in it so that you know:)

Now we are moving on to the lid.  This is your 3rd piece of 12" x 10" piece of card stock.  With the 12" side at the top of your scoring tool you are going to score at 1", 3", 9", and 11".  Turn so that now the the 10" side is at the top and score at 1", 3", 7", and 9".

Now with the Whisper White insert piece put the 10 1/2" side on top of your scoring tool and score at 3 7/8" and 9 7/8".  Flip so that the 8" side is on top and score at 4".

Now, here are the DSP pieces that you will need:

- 2 pieces at 5 3/4" x 2 3/4" (these are the body pieces)
- 2 pieces at 3 3/4"  2 3/4" (also body pieces)
- 2 pieces at 1 3/4" x 5 3/4" (lid pieces)
- 2 pieces at 1 3/4" x 3 3/4" (lid pieces)
- 1 piece at 5 3/4" x 3 3/4" (top of lid)

Ok, so now you need to fold on all your score lines on all your pieces.  We need to refer now to the templete that I made.

Once you get done cutting those three sections out your piece should look like this (remember, you are doing this to both of your scored body pieces that are cut at 12" x 10")

Now on that middle piece that is left, you want to cut about 1" off of it.  Throw that piece you cut off away.  Now, one of the three squares that you cut off, you want to take that and cut about 1" off of that as well

This is what is going to make your "hinge" 

Now take your identical body pieces and but the 2 "bottom" pieces together with your liquid glue.  Liquid glue is the best to use for this type of project because it gives you time to move things around if need be but once it's set... it's set:) Here it is glued together.  See how it kind of reverse mirrors itself...

Now, put glue on the inside of your hinges and fold your walls up using your hinges to hold it together.  Don't worry that you can see any writing on the inside, that is going to get covered up by our insert piece anyway.

Now for the lid.  Fold on all your score lines.  Remove the two rectangles and square on all 4 corners.

Now take the remaining flap and angle them making sure to also "wedge" the insides too.

Put glue on he back of all the tabs and fold together.  

Now, put glue on the inside of the flaps that are still open in the picture above and fold those inward to create the box and make it super sturdy.

Now for the insert fold on the score lines.  Make sure to do on both pieces of card stock that is scored.  Cut off the botton left long rectangle and then make sure to "wedge" the remaining sides.  Cut on the score line up to the 4" line and wedge that as well.

Now once you have done that to both pieces you need to attach the "hinge" to the other piece.  So that it becomes one long piece.

Put glue on all four flaps and fold over to make the insert.  Now the insert is not going to have a bottom to it.  It is just going to be 4 sides.  Take your box and put glue on the inside of the box on all 4 sides.  Then take your insert and slide it in. (note: your lid will not fit on your box without the insert in it)

Now put the lid on and there you go.  It takes a bit of time the first time you do it but then you can begin to wiz through them in no time.  These boxes are so nice.  They are super sturdy, even for paper!! 

I really hope that my picture tutorial was easy to follow and that it actually made sense.  Before you head out don't forget to check out the:

Clearance Rack

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends.  Until next time...
Happy Inkin'
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