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Friday, March 22, 2013

Paper Flowers Video

Happy Friday all.  Yup, it's Friday... YAY... and that means that it is time for another Friday Video Tutorial!  

Since i have been so obsessed with the Pop Up Posies Designer Kit i thought that i would do a video on how i make these awesome paper flowers! Have I mentioned how much i LOVE paper flowers and how wonderful this kit is?  It doesn't matter if you have never made a paper flower or if you have been making them for years, all your flowers are going to come out fabulous!!!

Let's take a look:

Told you they were awesome, lol:)

To get the tighter look of your paper flowers, i like to use a bit of water on each layer, then "scrunching" each layer into a small ball.  I personally just think that it gives it a little bit more!!!

For these kind of flowers, i don't wet them with water.  I just place each layer on the brad and then scrunch each layer again and then slowly separating them until i get the desired look that i want.

Well all, i hoped you enjoyed today's tutorial.  Until next time...
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