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Monday, July 21, 2014


Well stampers, our wait is finally over!!! We have closed on our forever home and are all moved in.  I can't tell you what a relief it is to finally have our own home again. The month and a half being in limbo and just playing the waiting game was enough to drive a person crazy... which i am sure i reached that point at least a dozen times, but i am so very thankful that my amazing in-laws allowed us to crash their house, tried to make it as homey as they could for us and allowed me for the short time i was there to turn a portion of their basement into my craft space.

However, now i have my own room again and i couldn't be happier.  Here is a picture of our new home:

As weird as it sounds i have never felt as "at home" as i do in this house... and we have only been here for 4 days. It is as if we were meant to be here.

Now my craft space is in complete disarray.  There are boxes and stuff EVERYWHERE, so since i can't get a lot of "crafting" going on right now (which seems like it is the norm for me lately) i thought i would share with you the progress on my room until i can get busy getting stampy again lol.

So my room is located on the first floor again and has a window which looks out into our backyard which has a nice piece of land (which is our) that has some woods.  I was surprised the other day when i looked out of my window and saw these beauties just hanging out...

I was very worried that moving from the country to the city i wouldn't get to see the deer, which i became such a custom to, so i can't even tell you how excited that this mama and 2 babies have welcomed us to the neighborhood.

Anywhoo, here are some pics of my room as it sits right now...

This is the view when you are looking into my craft room from the door. The one wall that you see there was already painted this really pretty turquoise color so i just decided to leave it. It kind of looks green in the picture but it really reminds me of Tempting Turquoise when you look at it in person (it is a sign i think, lol)

To the left of the door is where my desk is going to sit.  We had the cable and Internet hooked up today.  The TV is actually sitting on my desk right now but it going to be hung above my desk in the corner and is also going to function as my computer monitor.  LOVE IT!!!

Then this is a shot from the corner of my desk.  This is where my cube wall is beginning to be built. As you can see everything is just patiently waiting to be put in it's final place.  That's half of the fun of a new room... when you reopen everything it is like Christmas :)

Well that is all for today my friends.  I can't promise a post everyday with getting the house around and such but i do promise that i will be posting updates as to how my room is coming and then hopefully soon i will be posting daily again once i am settled and can find my stuff, lol:)

Until next time...
Happy Inkin' Sara
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