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Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Space!!!!

HELLO stamping buddies! So, we are all officially moved in and my hubby yesterday was soooo awesome and spent the entire day yesterday getting my room just perfect for me, which it is!!!!  I spent the rest of the day today just putting the finishing touches on it and of course CRAFTING!!! It was sooo nice to have all my stuff back again!  While opening the boxes it was like Christmas.  Some stuff i forgot that i had:)  So i thought today i would take you on a little picture tour of my room.  I am hoping to do a video of my new room soon but this will have to do for now.

This is the view that you get when you enter my room from the hallway.  My room is on the main floor again.  My (again) amazing hubby allowed us to use the spare bedroom for my room so i could have my oh so important window.  I just love the drapes on the window! They are a black silky material and then i tied them back with some Blushing Bride Chevron Ribbon!

My desk is directly left of the door.  I LOVE how my little "nook" turned out.  I have everything that i use the most right at my fingertips.  Plus i love the teal wall.  You can see how it is actually teal lol. The last pictures i posted it looked more green, lol:)

To the left of my desk is the T.V. and Emma's little art corner! She has a new art desk on it's way (shhh, it's a surprise).  It's also where i keep my stamps now and my giant framed cork board.  Which at the moment has nothing to display but after today that has changed.  I think i may begin to display my projects that are waiting to be blogged... haven't really decided yet.

Now if you were standing in Emma's creative corner (that's what I am calling it) and look across the room you would see this...  The closet on the sides (those are not pictured) holds my printer and my area where i take my photos for my blog.  Hubby placed my punches in there all nice and neat.  You can see that my embellishment shelf is up and all filled up above my adorable dresser/storage thing:)

This is the shelving that you see in the left of the picture above.  The view below is what you see if you are standing in the doorway.  I love how my cube wall is coming and soon i hope to add more!  I have my little things displayed and of course i have to have my few stamps that aren't Stampin' UP! out.  Our pup Vinnie has made himself very comfy in my new room too, lol:)

Well all, that is it.  I am hoping now to begin posting daily again with a video every Friday. So make sure to keep checking back to see how my new room is inspiring me.  I have bottled up lots of ideas/projects that are just waiting to burst out of me LOL.  

Until next time all...
Happy Inkin'
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  1. It looks great! I just redid my space so I know how excited you must feel. What a great space you have to create in and a window is very nice to have:)

  2. Love your new room! Happy New Home:)